Can I suppress bounced email forwards?

Here’s the setup: I have an email address (i.e., with a mailbox, that also forwards to 5 external email addresses. One of those five external addresses often bounces messages due to being over her mail quota, which results in the original sender to getting a confusing message from an unknown address that their inbox is full.

In my case there’s no need for that sender to get that bounce message, since it will be received by 4 others, or at least the DH mailbox. I’d also rather that sender not see the addresses which are in the forward list for (embedded in the bounce message).

The easy answer is to remove the bouncy external forwarding address, but when this person DOES clean out her inbox, I’d like for her to get these messages.

Any ideas on how to “silently” forward messages?



Perform the distribution by mailing list manager rather than forwarding.

A mailling list manager can change the Return-Path: that directs the bounces, from the original sender’s to the manager itself’s. A mail forwarder such as Dreamhost’s cannot and should not.

One mailling list manager to try is . Good luck!