Can I safely close my Happy Hosting now that I have VPS

Can I safely close my “Happy Hosting” plan now that my domain and sub-domain and all users are on a VPS even if I don’t have a MySQL VPS?

Will it have any impact on my email server?

If I end the plan early will I get a refund for any unused amount since I have about 18 months left on it as I paid for 2 years?

My domain registration is not free I assume since under the “Renew now?” column there is a price.

Thank you.


If you are sure that your users and domains/subdomains are now on a VPS you can close the shared hosting. Your MySQL services should not be affected. I do suggest that you submit a ticket for our billing department so that they can ensure the remaining credit rolls over to your VPS. We will credit your account accordingly but please make sure you write into our billing department.

The domain registration offer is only good for one year with the shared hosting, so it is possible that you are seeing the renewal price.

Thank you MariT, I will do that.