Can I run multisite and domain mapping on DreamPress?

I have a project in which 5 different women will be collaborating. They will be acting as independent bloggers, each with their own theme/branding, under the same community umbrella.

The central domain will be a magazine style collector, aggregating their content, and allowing members to interact across the 5 different interest areas that each of these bloggers will cultivate.

In their own areas, they need to be able to invite people to sign up just for their content, as not everyone will want to subscribe/interact across all streams.

It will not be a large network, but it is important that they have the autonomy to create their own look and feel within their stream.

Ideally, I would like to establish a unique sub-domain for each of the 5 streams, using domain mapping to manage this.

Is it possible to run WordPress multisite and domain mapping on DreamPress to facilitate this?

Thanks so very much for any wisdom someone might be able to pass along on this!

Susan Braiden.

So to answer my own question with the assistance of DreamHost support, the answer is NO.

In order to run Multisite/domain mapping, you need either a VPS or dedicated server.

This wiki entry is where I started my quest a couple of days ago, but I mistakenly thought DreamPress was a form of VPS.

I have a little bit of trepidation about trying to set up in the VPS environment as it’s unfamiliar territory, but am going to power through.

Also worth noting: if you tread into the multisite waters, you do so unsupported. DreamHost does not offer a safety net here. Having said that, if you happen to be a member of WPMU Dev, Rachel McCollin offers a wonderful multinetwork masterclass series over here (6 articles that step you through it in brilliant detail, and plain-speak):

1. WordPress Multisite Masterclass: Getting Started

2. WordPress Multisite Masterclass: Activation and Configuration

3. WordPress Multisite Masterclass: Site and User Creation

4. WordPress Multisite Masterclass: Client Sites and Domain Mapping

5. WordPress Multisite Masterclass: Creating a Community

6. WordPress Multisite Masterclass: Managing Your Network