Can i run a functional website in dreamobject?

can i run a functional website in dreamobject? like using a domain etc;

Nope. DreamObject doesn’t work like normal HTTP/Apache.

Depending on your definition of ‘functional website’… If you mean: can I drop html files into DreamObjects (for example, static websites) and expect to see them as web pages? the the answer is “not (yet)”. You can serve files via DreamObjects though, like images or videos, embedded into html pages.

I’ll chime in too with a “not yet.” The feature is included in the Jewel release (thanks to our in-house Ceph developer) and we’ll be upgrading soon. It’s a big upgrade, including an OS upgrade on all the storage nodes, so we’re doing a lot of testing. Keep an eye on this forum or the DreamHost Status Blog for updates.