Can I register a domain with dreamhost that is sitting on godaddy?

All of my domains are with dreamhost, recently a domain I have been wanting for a while became available but instead of just being available to the general public to register through whatever host (as I’m really unfamiliar with how that works), it instead seems to be only available to register through godaddy and at a high price.

As when I type in the domain name, which has been sitting there at godaddy for almost a year now I think as I have been watching it, whereas it used to go to a web site of the person who owned it, it now goes to godaddy and says they will sell you this domain for $185. Does that mean godaddy owns it and is just squatting on it and charging a random amount? I am really confused.

When the previous owner of a domain quits renewing a domain, what happens, does that domain just become up for grabs by anyone and anyone can register it through their host of choice such as through dreamhost for say $13.95 a year? Which was what I was planning/hoping on doing.

But godaddy holding onto it really makes no sense, the only thing I can think of is the previous owner is keeping is renewed but hosting it through godaddy and trying to sell it through them. but as I said it’s been almost a year and that just seems odd.

GoDaddy is holding the domain and attempting to sell it for more because they think it’s got more value (easy to remember, spell, and type).

Godaddy seems to do things a little different. A friend had an account there, he never paid for domain registration. He paid monthly for hosting that included a domain name. When he wanted to cancel they didn’t quibble over it they just took the name back.

Have you checked the WHOIS info for the domain? Is it expired?

It’s worth mentioning, that once domains “expire” anywhere, they don’t go right back on the market for possible purchase from any registrar. It may in fact take anywhere from 9 months on the short side to years for certain domains until they can be registered from any register without paying a premium price.