Can I redirect and keep those emails working in G Suite?

Hi there! I’m new here but I’m learning and loving how easy it is for me to do stuff. My group has a website hosted here that is run on Wordpress. It has a very long address (, so when we decided to get emails for the board we wanted to use a shorter address after the @ ( So I registered a new domain (on the same DreamHost account) and got the emails all setup through G Suite for Nonprofits and everything is working great.

My question is, can I now change the shorter domain to redirect to the longer one without messing up my email accounts? I can’t seem to find anything on that anywhere and I don’t want to break something.

Any thoughts anyone has would be greatly appreciated!

It sounds like you may want to set up a cloak for your domain. This should not affect your email or doamin. For full isntructions see our help page here:

If you have any question let us know!



SFTP into and place a file named index.php there

the file should be just one line

<?php header('Location:; ?>

(that’s what I would do !)

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Thank you both! I’ll look at these options and give it a try. :slightly_smiling_face:

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