Can I really do this?


This is my very first attempt at a web site and I am already getting discouraged. I chose DreamHost because it was recommended by word press. I have registered a domain name and signed up for a hosting plan. Now I am trying to do a one click install of wordpress, but I am getting a message saying that I have no active domain. When I go to Manage My Domains it tells me that my domain is parked but when I click on edit, it shows me that my site is fully hosted. I have used live chat support a few times, but that doesn’t appear to be available anymore (probably because my questions are just too naive!) Am I crazy to think I can get through this when every step seems to stump me? Can anyone help?


I have EXACTLY the same problem!!


Live Chat is only available when they’re not under a heavy workload. Real-time support typically isn’t available unless you’ve paid for callbacks.

Your domain probably really is parked. When you click Edit Domain, you get a screen full of hosting options. Your active one will have a green arrow pointing to it. It just happens that Fully Hosted is first on the list. Scroll down to the Parked Domain option and I expect you’ll see the green arrow.

You can Fully Host your domain by verifying that all the info in the Fully Hosted section is what you’d like it to be (defaults are usually fine), including the “Run This Domain under User:” (you may have to create a New User). Scroll down a bit more and click the “Fully Host This Domain” button.


Thank you – it’s showing up now as parked. When I try to “fully host,” however, I get asked for more money. I thought I already paid fo hosting when I signed up through the part of the DH home page that says:

“UNLIMITED Storage and Traffic!
100% Uptime Guarantee!
Plus many more features!
All for just $1.95/mo!”

Should I not already be hosted? Should I not now be able to one-click for Wordpress?


You can see what type of account you have by checking in the panel under Manage Account. That screen will tell you your account number, and below that is the section for Hosting Plans. It should say “Happy Hosting” with some dollar amount charged per period.

If all you paid for was a domain registration, then that’s just the $9.95 for one year of registration.