Can I reactive my account?

hi all,

To day I my account is disabled by dreamhost because violations of DreamHost’s Terms of
Service, particularly in distributing copyrighted material illegally.

There are files uploaded by my members. . . Now, can dreamhost reactive my account ? I will remove all file & don’t allow continous members upload files to my host. . .

can my account reactive ? or it will close forever ???

Thanks !

Pham Quoc Truong

First off, this isn’t a support forum. This is a customer-to-customer forum, so none of us here can help you.

Secondly, no. DreamHost won’t re-activate your account if you “promise” not to continue distributing illegal content. You’re welcome to contact Dreamhost’s Abuse Department but I seriously doubt they’ll offer to re-activate your account.


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I would contact DreamHost support and explain exactly what you believe happened and what you’re going to do to prevent it from happening again.

Then, I’d be patient and wait for them to decide what to do.

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I allowed my members upload some E-Book, TUT, . . about IT but they . . .

If my account can reactive I will setup a forum and “never” allow member upload file . . . of course I never upload file violations of DreamHost’s Terms of Service . . . & in the future I will never upload file like that !

Please help me !

Thank you !

As mousee said, this is a customer-to-customer forum, we can’t help you. We can only give you advice.

You have to contact with your story and your argument and wait for an answer. Please make sure to provide them with all relevant details about which sites were having problems and what the timelines were.

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