Can i open one port for socket conection?


i made a chat applet who need to connect to a chat server, and with my actual host, i have no way to use it, because i need one open port.
i first tried to host myself the server and applet, but well the applet is 1MB big, and its too slow for peaple.
And because applet can not open socket to other computer than the one who host the applet, i really need a server who can open one single port to allow socket connection with the applet
Is there a way to do this on dreamhost ?


You would probably require a VPS rather than a shared server.


you may want to try PS also.
But the best is to check with DH support.

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You’ll at least need to sign up for Dreamhost PS - both to be able to listen on a port and also to allow you to run a persistent server process.

Under a regular shared account, you can do neither.

You should be able to have your users use chat without having to do either, though. Have you looked into Jabber or some other chat solution that uses regular http?

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