Can I only use email with Dreamhost?

Hi everyone!

Let’s say I am hosting a couple of websites elsewhere. Let’s say we have also our email handled by our ‘elsewhere’ hosting (all POP3).

If I sign up for Dreamhost, can I JUST USE IMAP mail from dreamhost with my ELSEWHERE hosted domains, or have I to transfer websites/databases-and-all to Dreamhost to USE THE IMAP mail?

I have I have also, and

May I create three IMAP emails for these users, but NOT HAVE TO TRANSFER the websites to dreamhost?

Thank you!

Hope I have explained it well :)))


If I understand you correctly, you wish to keep your domain hosted elsewhere, but have the mail for the domain handled by the DreamHost mail servers?

If so, then yes I believe this is possible, but you will need to be able to configure the DNS/MX records at your other host.


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I have all control on the other server, I believe:)

(we CPanel there for managing various hosting options)

If you know we can set up the A/MX using Cpanel and continue to host the websites there, but transfer our emails to dreamhost?

We are quite unhappy with POP3 and would like to migrate to IMAP (later we can transfer some of our emails to the IMAP, if we like).

Thx! :slight_smile:

While I understand the reasoning, you might, in your situation, also consider a specialized mail hosting service, such as, which provides not just IMAP, but secured email to and from their servers, great spam protection and a terrific Web-based interface.

FYI: I use DreamHost for my sites, but for my email. It’s also somewhat cheaper than paying for even the basic hosting service here.


Well, we are /thinking/ of maybe migrating later some of our websites to DH, too!

Just at the moment, we’ll be quite happy with the email and the 200… I mean, 193 GB of space provided :wink:


Yes, that should be possible, but it will require some configuration on both ends.

Are you referring to transferring the email duties, or transferring the actual emails?

Overall, I tend to agree with Gene, if you do not intend to use the hosting here at DreamHost, a specialized mail host might be better suited to your requirements.


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Don’t worry, it’ll be 200GB if you sign up with a special offer, of which there are loads listed on these boards :slight_smile:

In any case, who is handling your sites now?


You’ll probably want to contact Dreamhost on this one:

We’re just customers here, and they’ll be able to tell you for sure whether or not this is possible (like others have said, I’m pretty sure it is)

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It is possible to have email in DH.

One of my friends has a domain in GoDaddy but have email in DH.

You are happy with 200/193GB. But there are more than that. The server space and bandwidth grows 16GB/week

all the best

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I’ve been here since 1999 and the email isn’t exactly the marquee feature of Dreamhost. SPAM-ASSASSIN is shaky at best. I’ve recently moved over a couple of MX records to Google.

Yes–Google, and it’s MY domain email…just like normal. The SPAM filtering is AWESOME. I’m pleased as punch.

That said, it is POP only. So perhaps that’s not a great alternative for you in this scenario. Nevertheless…the Google option rocks my sox.

Take a peek:

Hi everyone,

I got response from Dreamhost HappyTeam, they said no problems set up email only for now, and have hosted same domains elsewhere.

Thank you for all replies! :slight_smile:

PS IMAP we need because lately we experience unexpected and unexplained crashes of Mozilla Thunderbird clients (v.1.5.0 ), Thunderbird deleted WHOLE FOLDERS without notice and we lost lots of email messages; so I am seeking for something reliable:)