Can I move my blogspot blog to dreamhost?



I have had a blogspot blog for sometime and am wondering if I can move or publish my blog on my own website through dream host?

I’ve read through some threads here but didn’t find the answers I was looking for.

#1 do I have to have a wordpress blog to import?
#2 can my current blogger blog be republished on my domain?

if yes, how?

Thank you
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One option is to switch to a wordpress blog and use the wordpress importer to import your existing blog into your new website. Wordpress provides information about that here…

I’m not familiar with Blogspot itself so I don’t know how easy it would be to continue using Blogger and just move the blog itself to DreamHost. Other users may have more knowledge of that.

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Don’t forget that you’ll have to have a domain for your blog. Seeing how you already have one, you can set up something like

I see that your site already has a blog feed. Wordpress also provides an RSS feed, so you’ll still have that feature. You can import your Blogspot posts into Wordpress: Clickable link that Dallas posted.