Can I migrate my website from shared hosting to VPS?

Hi there,
Currently, I am using shared web hosting as a chum advocate me to begin your business with My Machete guide website hosting and after a while whilst getting traffic emigrate to VPS hosting.
Now My website 3 has about five to six users in line with day, I even have loaded my internet site with plenty of CSS and plugins due to the fact consumer enjoy matters also am the use of high-resolution pix.
Should I pass for VPS web hosting, Is VPS will Improve my websites speed, currently my internet site is slow.

Matters I am the use of on my website.
Generate press top rate.
Wp smush
wp rocket
shortcode last.
Safety plugins
social percentage plugins
associated put up plugin

THANK YOU in Advance

You can upgrade seamlessly to VPS in the DreamHost Panel.

Personally I would first look into cutting back on plugins and implementing some caching to try make the site less server intensive before throwing more resources toward it.

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Hello I am also using wordpress and have many plugins in like which are somehow affecting the site speed.Can you please tell me if I upgrade to your hosting will my speed issues go away?