Can I make it to where people with VPN's can access my site?


I have a VPN that I use personally (and I know that they are becoming more and more commonly used) but I now can’t view my site if I have my VPN enabled.

This is not a huge deal for me. But my site is a portfolio site and when people with VPN’s try to access my site there is no information about why they cant access it, it just looks down. So I could lose potential clients or just appear unprofessional.

I there a way for me to edit this new setting?


Problem Not Resolved (VPN: PIA)

There’s no reason that a user on any VPN wouldn’t be able to access your site unless you are blocking either the IP range or the User Agent.

Dreamhost isn’t blocking any network AFAIK. Lots of VPNs access my sites without issue.

If your site is TLS (uses HTTPS) check to make sure your VPN supports SNI.


It appears that in actual practice though that traffic from, Private Internet Access, a VPN is, in fact being filtered. I’ve opened a support ticket, and the issue was confirmed by a chat rep. Haven’t heard back yet about a resolution.


Thanks. I use PIA so that is probably the issue. I hope other providers aren’t being filtered.


I can confirm that this is also true for my three websites, all managed through Dreamhost: none are accessible when using a PIA VPN.


I also use PIA and have encountered this issue. I didn’t realize it was being filtered, so that makes more sense now. I hope this can be addressed.


I’m also using PIA as my VPN and I can’t access my own site. I would love to find out if a solution to this is found.


I just installed the latest update to PIA and now I can access my site through the VPN with no problem. I’m now running v78 of PIA.


Open PIA, enter SETTINGS, then Advanced Settings. Turn PIA MACE and DNS LEAK protection off.


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