Can I keep Dramhost mail AND Gmail?

At our company we need to move some mail accounts to the cloud. Gmail is the best option. Also, we would like to keep some accounts (in the same domain) at Dreamhost, for local office access.

Is that possible?

I have read the wiki page, but as someone who knows nothing about that, it is very difficult to understand wht can be done.

Thanks for anny help.

Are you trying to do email import? If this is indeed, you can probably check below.

I have to ask… Why is gmail “in the cloud” and you don’t consider that to also be true of dreamhost mail?

To answer the question, though —

No, it’s not possible to split the mailboxes on a domain across multiple email services. Only one email service (e.g, DreamHost, Google Apps, or whatever else) can be configured to receive incoming mail for your domain at a time.

(There are some ways to partially work around this by having the “main” email service for a domain forward some mail on to another email service using an alternate domain name. It’s all rather tricky and fragile, though, and I wouldn’t recommend that you go this route unless you absolutely have to.)