Can I install my own SMTP server?

I use one of my domains mostly as a glorified email filter. Every time I give an email address, I give a separate name (eg or so I can track who is sending me what mail. Before I moved to Dreamhost, I could send mail via Outlook from any address I chose simply by changing the FROM address and it would get properly delivered.

But via Dreamhost and/or Googlemail, I get the dreaded “On behalf of” tag when these mails are shown in receipients Outlook.

Can I set up my own SMTP server on DH which would effectively act as an authenticated server so that the SENDER and FROM field would be the same? If so, any pointers on where I get started. I’m not a programmer but am willing to put the effort in.

You can’t run an SMTP server on a shared hosting account.

What you’re trying to do is effectively forge your Sender/From address. Why not try Plus Addressing?


Thanks for stopping me before I did all the hard work!

I’m not really forging or spoofing since the email addresses belong to me as domain owner.

Is it not possible to instruct DH’s SMTP server to take the FROM address and use it as the SENDER address. Of course, I am talking about the part before the domain name so there’s no danger of a domain owner from spoofing an email from another domain.

I just want to use my own disposable system: it’s too easy for a bot to strip out the “disposable” part of a gmail address and thus capture a nice, clean address for SPAM. Also, this doesn’t really help me: I can give a sub-addressed email out on a webform say, but if the person mails me at that address and I reply from Outlook, I’m back to the same problem of being unable to send a sub-addressed email via DH.

Did you sign up for Google Apps for Your Domain or are you just using Gmail to pull mail from other places like DreamHost mail servers?

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