Can I increase the SQL max file size?

Currently the max size is set to 7,168KiB and I need it to be at least 8. How can I do that? Thanks

Are you referring to the maximum import size in phpMyAdmin? If so, you’ll need to use other methods to import large backups. See for details.

Thanks for the info.

I am interested in this as well, on that page i would like to ask if this is a typo?
mysql -h -u username -ppassword dbname < outfile.sql

the -ppassword should that be -p password ?

No, actually. All the single-character options to the mysql command can be “nestled” with their arguments (e.g, -hhostname), and doing so is in fact mandatory for -p.

If that gnaws at your conscience, you can use the more verbose form:

But that’s just more typing for no real benefit. :slight_smile:

You can also just type -p and it will prompt you for the password. That way your password won’t be visible to others should they look in /proc. I’m not exactly sure how that works or whether it’s really possible or not, but I started using the bare -p switch some time back because of warnings about it in the mysql documentation.

Not necessary, actually. We have things set up so that users can’t see each other’s processes, either in ps/top or in /proc.