Can I host just a subdomain with DH?


I have a domain that’s hosted with another hosting company (targeted to Chinese market, would be unwise to host in US), and I now want to make a English version of the site on a subdomain which is ideally hosted in US (DreamHost, of course). Now my question is how do I do this?

I tried to add a subdomain directly into my DH account without adding the primary first. It rejected me by stating that I had to add the primary domain first.

Another option is that I change the name servers to but then the primary A record would be uneditable.

Any way I can accomplish what I want? Seems a mission impossible.

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Go ahead and add the main domain here, even if you’re not going to use it. You need to do this to allow for a subdomain.

Once you create that subdomain here, get the IP address from your shell account’s command line with ‘host’ so you can create an A record at your other hosting company’s DNS configuration.

Once that’s all set up, you can delete the main domain if you’d like. I’d just leave it for future convenience.



Thanks for the tip, Scott. But the main domain is for Chinese market so I’d prefer leaving it with a host within China.

It sucks.

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It doesn’t suck. You won’t use the main domain here. But you need to create it as a prerequesite to allow you to create the subdomain. Re-read my directions. Your Chinese domain will still control DNS and what points where. You just need to add the subdomain to your Chinese domain DNS.