Can i host gaming site


Hi, can i host gaming site on your shared servers?


We’re just customers here, but if it’s just a standard website, then you can. You can’t run anything like a game server, though.



To clarify – web sites which have games on them are okay, but dedicated game servers (like a Quake server or whatnot) are not.


From what I understand, gaming site (game server) uses a lot of CPU and RAM resources. It may not be a good idea to host it on a shared server.

Simple flash or shockwave games should be fine.

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A dedicated server is what you need. Shared hosting will not permit that as you would most likely need root access to the server. Even a VPS would not be tolerant of such resource intensive applications.


I am building a video/game sharing site. Is DreamHost a good host for this type of site?


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