Can I host domain without changing DNS info?

Hi, sorry if this was discussed before.

I have hosting with dreamhost and registered domain. I would like to host that domain on dreamhost but the registration company won’t change the DNS hostnames. Can I still host it on dreamhost? How do I go about it? Any help much appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks.


Change registration companies. Or you’ll have to manually edit your DNS over there and populate it with all of the DNS information that shows up when you click DNS in the panel here for your domain. Keep in mind that an IP address may change if your server is moved or reconfigured.


Thank you for that. I guess the easiest would be to just change companies. M.

You should be provided access to change the DNS info yourself, and if not then the registrar has to do it for you. If the domain is only recently registered there could be a waiting period before transfer is allowed (could be 60 days wait!)

Which company did you use to register your domain name?

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