Can I host a site like this?

I don’t want to do something stupid with my Dream Host account.

So therefor I would like to ask if I could host a site like this:

It is a forum based on the open source system called MyBB.

The content about the site will be about hacking and security.
There will be posted serials, tutorials, and such things.
There will be linked to cracks, torrents, warez, and such things.
Also there will be posted content as hacked sites, hacked accounts, but no hacked paypal, credit card or other payment method basement systems.

Also our terms of service says that all the information on the site is used for educational purpose only.
And the posted content is the posters own responsibility.
And that it is illegal to use the information on the site for illegal purpose and it will result in permanent banning.

We all know quite well that “educational purposes only” is a sham. Hosting a site such as the one you described would be a major violation of our Terms of Service and would cause your account to be disabled in short order.

“And the posted content is the posters own responsibility.” - sorry, guy. That’s not the way it works IRL.