Can I have a site running that is hosted by another site?

Hi, I just signed up for DreamHost and I am completely freaked out right now and I am not sure what to do.

My website used to be hosted by GoDaddy, which my website was running fine and everything. I later transferred it over to NameCheap, which I thought would also host the site and run it but they did not tell me that wasn’t part of the deal when I transferred it over, and I thought the domain’s GoDaddy subscription would carry right over and still be online, but nope. Their price is $3.45 a month.

Recently I found out about DreamHost and heard that they have an offer of 1.62. I signed up and I want to know if I can have it running online by DreamHost while still being hosted by NameCheap. I know that could be tough to understand but I thought something similar to that was mentioned in the sign-up pages.

What should I do? I want to be sure I have a plan in place and I want it to be done before my trial period runs out and they start to charge my card.

First you need to keep in mind that you have to have a web host and a domain registrar. DH can do both but many prefer to keep their domain management and web hosting separate.

To keep it short, yes you can keep NameCheap as your domain registrar and use DH to host your website. This will require you adding the domain name to your DH account (via manage domains) and then going over to your NameCheap account and updating the nameservers to point to dreamhost (,, Now it can take some time for the nameserver change to propagate through the interwebs. If you would like to work on your site before switching over the nameserver info you can go to manage domains and add a dreamhosters sub-domain (i.e. and make it a mirror of substituting your actual domain name with mysite obviously. When you are ready to make changes live you can just update the nameserver info and delete your dreamhosters mirror.

Just to add, Ryo-ohki is referring to this:

Thanks. However, my website is still not appearing, even though it has a placeholder page now I think there is still more that I need to do.

To make matters worse however, is that my login info to Wordpress doesn’t work. I do indeed have the correct username and password, it just does not accept it anymore. I would always login through my site and it I can’t get it online then my site could be gone for good. I don’t know for sure.

I took a look into your account, and your DNS records look good. You will need to move your WordPress site over here to DreamHost to get your site to work:

You’ll need to create a database in our web panel before you can get the data imported in, though. You can do that here:

If you need help with this directly, please be sure to reach out to our support team via the Contact Support link in your web panel.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: