Can I have 2 Wordpress installs (2 subdomains)

Hi everyone!

So, here is the deal:

I have a wordpress install at and I have another subdomain where I test out ideas and code websites for clients. Will it be ok to put another install of wordpress in ?

Will i just have to make another mysql database?



Yes, plus actually do the one-click install.

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Well, you have to do another installation, but whether you make another database or not is really up to you, as WordPress let’s you set a “prefix” for the tables so that multiple installations can share the same database.

Since DreamHost lets you have as many databases as you want, however, there is little reason to do this unless you want to be able to back up all the data for multiple sites in one MySQL backup (or course, the "all your eggs in one basket caveat applies here is one argument against that, though it might be convenient).

As for me, having numerous backups/dumps floating around (that are supposedly managed in an organized manner), I like using a descriptive table prefix to help indicate which site the data goes with even if I am using a separate database (but I realize that is a bit anal!) :wink: .


Thanks for the in depth info, I really appreciate it. Dreamhost rules!


You’re welcome, and I hope you found some of it useful. :wink: