Can I get a response?

I have yet to get an answer as to why my website will not load or takes 30-60 seconds to load. I tried hosting this exact same site at another webhost and it loads instantly.

This issue has been unresolved for the past TWO WEEKS.

And over those past two weeks, Dreamhost support has given me various reasons as to why the site does not load, or takes 30-60 seconds to load:

-an apache reset was incorrect and would be rectified
-i should follow site optimization guidelines on dream host’s wiki
-i might want to consider signing up for VPS
-a user on my server was using more than their fair share of resources

None of these things seems to have had any impact on my website’s loading time. Right now it is taking 30-60 seconds to load, and I also got a server drop message.

I’d like a response or some help please. This is crazy.

What’s your site/domain? I can take a look and see if there’s anything that jumps out.

This is the URL that is taking forever to load:

Please note: I tested this EXACT SAME site, with exactly the same content at my other webhost and it loaded lightning fast.

Still unresponsive. apache2-pat.louisa

The difference in traffic has some impact in this, FWIW. But it’s something about that script that our servers don’t like.

If I go directly to an image - - it loads as fast as you’d expect. A plain HTML or TXT file loads a little slower, but not much.

What happens if you take that fancy footprint script off the front page, as a test? My gut tells me that it’s that script, specifically, that is hogging up your site.

I believe you.

Like I said, I tested the same site on another host, it loaded instantly. But, since you asked:

Script removed. Still takes a long time to load.

Aaaaand I just ran the site (script removed) through pingdom and it clocked in at 60 seconds. Sorry, but this is totally unacceptable.

I’ll go one step further: here’s a test page with virtually NOTHING on it, look at the source code:

Still hangs forever and ever.

I guess I’m all good if I wanna serve up a blank homepage.

Not trying to be gnarly about this btw, its just that I’ve been waiting to resolve this before I launch this site, and its been two weeks now. Really frustrating, which is why I signed up with a new host.

Here is the same page, with the ‘fancy script’ (which is actually a pretty lightweight javascript), hosted by my new webhost:


Before you say, ‘well why don’t you just ditch Dreamhost for your new webhost’…well, I just bought a unique IP + an SSL certificate for different website that I have hosted through Dreamhost, and I can’t afford the downtime + money lost by repurchasing these things with a new host and then waiting for changes to propagate. So ideally, I’d love for issue to be resolved…sometime in the next century :slight_smile:
In the spirit of trying to figure this out, please look at this site:

It uses the exact same script, except its a bulkier rendering of it (more images, images have larger file size) and it’s hosted on the same Dreamhost hosting plan that is hosted on.

Load time is fine.

This leads me to believe that its not the script or the webpage contents, but rather something on the server-side.

Edited to add: To really be accurate about this, compare load times for these identical pages; both hosted on Dreamhost. <— load time is normal <— load times is slooooooow

I get a load time of about 2 s.

You could speed that up by making a sprite of those 16 pngs that load to make the mouse tracks.

um, thanks for the tip, but i’d have to be crazy to raise this much fuss over a 2 second load time. i’d be grateful for 5 seconds at this point.

when i went to the site at 8pm tonight, it loaded in 7ms, so obviously something has changed, or the user on my server who dreamhost claims is using more than their fair share of resources went home for the night. i have no idea.

i do know that when i did a traceroute earlier today, the IP started in minnesota, pinged through the midwest, then over to ireland, then back to the midwest before ending up at the main DH servers in LA. now when i traceroute the site, it just pings all over the US, so maybe that was the issue.

all i know is, i never had any problems before i was moved to louisa, and no matter how many times i tell dreamhost this, they insist that it is something else, so i’m just going to give up at this point and figure something else out.

can someone just close this thread? i’m over it.

[quote=“teenmetal, post:9, topic:59364”]
when i went to the site at 8pm tonight, it loaded in 7ms, so obviously something has changed[/quote]

Unless you live not far from your server, that response is from the cache on your hard drive.

That’s not my take at all. Watching the OP’s page load in firebug, I see it takes usually 30 seconds before the server responds, and once we get first response the rest of the page load is very normal.

I can tell two different “bad neighbor” stories that I experienced over the last 2 months, both solved not with a change of server but with change of apache instance/IP. Knowing what I know about my past issues, I would just ask support to try moving the site to a different apache instance on the same server and see what happens. The IP will change when this happens.

Using a various reverse lookup tools it doesn’t look like there is alot on the current apache instance/IP – of course the length of the list makes no difference at all, it only take one rotten apple to spoil the pie.

Thank you, I will try this.

In the past two weeks, two different DreamHost support people have told me that they “reset” the apache instances and that it should have solved the problem, but they never mentioned moving the site to a different instance.

let me clarify: i went to the site around 8pm and it loaded really fast. then i ran it through pingdom, and got a load time of 7ms.

I suspected this in part because of an earlier comment made about dreamhosts response. It’s kind of an educated guess, but at least we will eliminate something if it’s not the solution. This isn’t the same type of problem I had, but something is making the time to first response really high.

7ms is really really fast. like record breaking speed if it was being reported by a pingdom server which are typically not close geographically.

Hi LakeRat,

7ms is amazingly fast, and like I said to someone else in this thread, I’d even be happy with 5 seconds–this is not a high-traffic site and I’m not terribly picky about 1 second vs 5 seconds. But it seems like from approximately 8am to 8pm EST, the site is insanely slow to load or just hangs forever and then I get a “no response from server” message. I bet if I try the site around 8 or 9pm tonight (EST), it will load super fast again. But right now, it’s slow again, which doesn’t do me any good because I’m on the East Coast, and most, if not all of my clients are in the US, so 8am to 8pm is prime traffic time.

With regards to DreamHost’s response to all of this, I guess the thing that frustrates me is that I’ve given them detailed information over and over that would help them to isolate the problem via process of elimination, but every time I receive a response from them, I’m given a variation of the same script, “optimize your site, check your network, consider buying VPS, we reset your apache”. It’s as if they aren’t actually reading the support ticket, or aren’t willing to fully research what could be causing the slow loading time. I have a handful of other sites hosted by DreamHost on the same server–louisa–and they load just fine. Add to that, the fact that these problems only started after my sites were moved to louisa in late January.

I am not an unreasonable person and I know that every webhost is going to have down time and server problems, but the lack of support, and/or the misguided responses decreases my tolerance for it.

My only course of action now is to ask them to move the apache instance attached to this particular domain (which I did this morning), or ask that my sites be moved to another server, or sign up for another webhost–which I did last week, and the site loads perfectly with my new webhost. Because it now takes DreamHost 3-4 days to respond to support requests, I feel like I’m looking at least another week as far as getting anywhere with an apache instance move, and I’ve already delayed launch of this site for two weeks now.

The only reason I havn’t cancelled my DreamHost account completely and moved everything over to the new webhost at this point is because I just purchased an SSL certificate + unique IP for one of my sites and I can’t afford the downtime of setting all of that up with another host, not to mention the headache of moving all of my sites over to a new host without sacrificing(wasting) even more of my time.

Just out of curiosity, do any of your other sites have the same IP address? And if so, do those sites show any problem?

Also if your already familiar with and set up for shell access whats the load avgs on the server? That would be the last 3 numbers returned when you type “uptime” (without the quotes) at the shell prompt. If your just using ftp access at this point, and don’t know how to do that skip it for now…

Get rid of Page"Speed" [sic]

I’m really admiring your patience with this.

Hey there,

I admire your patience with this as well! I’m really sorry for causing any confusion/frustration with all this, but we genuinely appreciate the patience and cooperation you’ve shown. I was able to get one of our seasoned techs on your ticket – he has moved you to another apache-instance as you requested – and he just responded to your email! If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to let me know here, or reply to his email. Thanks so much again for your patience.

Update: Jose S. responded to my request to have moved to a new apache instance a few hours after I sent my support ticket. The site now loads fine. Looks like the apache instance was indeed the problem.

Big thanks to DreamHost even bigger thanks to LakeRat for suggesting this fix in the first place. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! Glad that did the trick. :slight_smile: Big thanks from us to LakeRat as well, for always being so helpful! If you run into any trouble with your site again, feel free to let us know! We’ll be happy to help. :slight_smile:

LakeRat, FWIW, I tested on a plain txt file I made on his site, and it did (indeed) load lightning fast, which is why I thought perhaps it was the script. The server load was very low too (like 2 to 4) when I was in there, but it may have been the timing :confused: