Can I extract a .zip file on my ftp?

I uploaded a file from WSFTP and I selected it to be zipped before I sent it. Now that the file is a .zip on my ftp server is there anyway to unzip it onto the ftp?


Yes you can. You have to log in with SSH, and you can issue a command to unzip the file from the shell. I’d reccomend you check out the wiki article on SSH first. That should help you get started. the actualy command you’ll use is simple:

Let me know if you need more clarification.


I logged in with putty in ssh but it doesn’t let me do anything after that it, the screen just goes away…

Is shell access activated for your user name? If not, you’ll have to edit your user in the control panel and activate it. If you just did that, it might take awhile before the settings take effect.

You can also check “Never” at the bottom of Putty, where it asks about closing the window on exit. That should show you what the error is, instead of disappearing.

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That did it thanks a lot!!