Can I edit?

Is it possible to actually edit text on my website through dreamhost? Im completely unfamiliar with dreamhost as I have taken over certain aspects of a company and they had previously dealt with dreamhost.

Im wondering do I need a website design program like dreamweaver to edit my website or is dreamhost an actual design program…

If so, if anyone could point me in the direction of accesissing this content that would be great…


Depends on what you are using now and what you want to do. Many apps (blogs, CMSs, etc) allow you to edit pages from within the browser.

Well at the moment Im logged into my AjaXplorer. Am I able to actually edit my website through AjaXplorer? Or is it easier to edit through WordPress?(like can I actually edit for example my contact info on my website through WP?) This guy here seems to be using Word Press to actually edit text on his page. But I always assumed Word Press only edits and manages blogs on your page.

So is it possible for me to link my Dreamhost page to either AjaXplorer or Word Press and successfully edit them through those 2 programs?


You can edit most things in WP through WP. If you want to edit your theme, then just go to the themes tab and click on the edit sub tab. It’s not the best / easiest way, but for minor changes, it’s not too bad.

So once I 've installed Word Press through my Dreamhost account I can then actually edit text on my website?