Can I do this? Live WordPress Setup - Workflow via 2 domains

Hello, I’m in the process of creating a new website for a small business idea. There are 3 aspects I’m concerned with:
a. Operational - "workflow"
b. Marketing
c. Design
In the interest of time, I’m looking for a low-time intensive operational setup - workflow - so that I may focus on the marketing and design. I am a newbie to webhosting and Wordpress (my chosen CMS). I’ve done alot of searching on how to set up a good workflow and I’m inspired by these two articles. (1, and 2) Please consider the following setup (“workflow”) for developing and marketing a website! I would love to hear your expert opinions :slight_smile:

  1. Purchase Account with DreamHost

  2. Create
    —> “live site”
    —> fresh WP install
    —> set up “coming soon” page for pre-launch promotion to customers
    —> email signup, rss, twitter
    —> google indexed

  3. Create
    —> “live development site”
    —> fresh WP install
    —> install wp maintenance mode plugin, to keep development private
    —> install theme (ie. platformpro) and develop to finish
    —> not indexed with google

  4. Transfer contents of fully developed “live development site” to “live site”
    —> use these directions for moving

  5. Retain “live development site” ( for ongoing live development

My main concern is that I’m not entirely certain about the transfer step (#4) and whether this would be a simple non-problematic step. It is a bit scarey developing a site and then finding out upon completion and business launch day that I’m SOL!

Thanks for your consideration!

Yes is the simple answer…

and you don’t even need to buy 2 domains, you get one free when you sign upto dreamhost AND then you can use a subdomain &

and they are both seperate

Thanks for the reply dgparryuk,

Wouldn’t it be less complicated to keep the two domains I refer to in original post separated? The subdomain terminology is a bit confusing to me and seems to suggest there is a shared mysql database.

In my mind the separate domains would have separate mysql databases which would allow the ‘live development site’ to freely test without screwing up the database of the main ‘live site’ for customers.

In any case, at this point, it seems the only ‘imminent’ difference between your sub-domain approach and the separate domain approach is the extra domain registration cost.

I’d really like to move on this! Is there any other reservations that I should consider?

Any takers…

you can have as many SQL databases as you like…
i currently run about 9 sites, each one has at least 2-3 databases each…
one site has - 2 wordpress, 2 galleries, a wiki - all with a different database each…

i have bounced databases from a to b to c - and all kinds of stuff… the site above was contained in 2 different sites…

and yeah the only difference is the cost :slight_smile:

Not only can the databases be different, additionally the subdomains can be created to run under a completely different User – so you can set up under user “main” and under user “developer” to totally remove any confusion while developing.

They will be completely separate entities :wink: