Can I do That?


Hi, I have a site with a database with registered users that receive an email with ideas and news near their children´s birthday. I have users permissions. I want to know if i use your services I can to programmer a cronjob for run a php file with a php mail() to send near of 90 emails each day

Thanks a lot



yes you can send up to 200 emails per hour using that method.


great!! Thanks very much!!


Just keep it in mind, you have an option to switch to gmail if you need a critical email service.


Don’t take this as the official word, as we’re just customers here, but if you have good documentation of permission to send, that will protect against spam complaints.


Official word:

[quote]1) Recipients must specifically ask to be placed on your distribution list (“opt-in”).
2) Recipients must confirm their intent to be placed on your distribution list (“opt-in confirmation”).
3) You must be able to prove that the opt-in confirmation occurred (provide date/time/IP logging of confirmations).[/quote]