Can I create my own (pseudo) shared SSL cert?


I have a bunch of domains that I want to move over to dreamhost, but I dont want to pay the $3.95/month for IP + SSL certs for each one them

I know DH doesnt have a shared SSL feature (yet, PLEASE!!?!), but what do you think about this scenario, would it work:

  1. Setup my main domain, and purchase proper IP+SSL Cert for it.
  2. Configure my other domains to use (of course copy the proper files in there)

Will that work without popups/dialogs/verifications/etc to the end user?

Do you think I could even setup subdomains, to make it seem less obvious and/or suspicious:
i.e. ??

Thanks for your help!


it will popup saying that you are transfered to a different domain i believe.

I was thinking of doing something similar to this for dreamhost members to be able to use a secure server. Not sure if it would be a free service, a banner hosted service, or paid subscription