Can I create my own discussion forum if I have wordpress hosted with Dreamhost?



First of all please accept my apologize if I posted in the wrong place,

I have tried search all over with google, and search with dreamhost about if I can create my own discussion forum

example of : but in my own domain name or something like that

I would love to know if I can do that

my website is[hr]
Sorry guys I just figured out that the option available through one-click install and it call PHPBB


Yep, PHPBB is available as a one-click install.

There are also forum plug-ins available for WordPress that you might like to consider (Google).


Adding on to sXi’s plugin suggestion, I use Simple:Press. I don’t like it as much as phpBB, but it does integrate nicely with a WordPress site of mine.


And this forum is MyBB:


If you want to keep your forum integrated with your blog, look at BBPress:

You could also install the BuddyPress plug-in and add a host of social features (including forums) to your blog. This is easy to do from the Dashboard plug-ins installer.