Can I creat a sftp user with limited access?

Anyway to create a SFTP user that can ONLY access a folder like this


But not give them access to any other folders in that area?

Maybe… What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Remember that (from the docs) Every website hosted with DreamHost is "owned" by exactly one FTP user.

If you specify your exact use case maybe we can give you more details.

I have WordPress set up with a document plug in called m1.DownloadList

m1.DownloadList automatically creates a list of files in a folder and shows them on a Wordpress page

It’s very nice and easy and works great.

BUT the files must live in a subfolder of the Wordpress installation…

So my pdf’s are here

I want to give one person SFTP credentials to upload/del pdf’s from

without giving them access to any other folders on

thank you for any idea

Ah, I see the use case now. I don’t know if you can do that from SFTP though, I wouldn’t even try. Any chance you can do all that via WordPress? you can create users on WordPress and give them the rights to upload media. I know that WordPress permission model is not sophisticated enough but maybe you can trust your users not to mess up with the rest of your content?

Otherwise, I’d explore using DreamObjects although that’s not immediate either… and I’m not sure the plugin you’re using supports S3-compatible object storage.

the pdf’s have to be in a sub-directory of the wordpress installation for the plug-in to work. But I will have to try something else


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