Can I change my username? (i.e. /home/username/)

Hi, I made the mistake of making my username too close to my actual name, and I’d like to preserve some level of anonymity so I’m wondering if a username can be changed.

By username, i mean the name in this example /home/username/

The reason I realized this might be a concern is that i noticed that my username can be visible if there is a PHP error for example. … the php reporting shows the whole path including my username. I guess I could turn the reporting off but i’d rather not and also there might be other ways people can see the full path.

I can use SSH so i suppose i might be able to go in and change it myself (unless i don’t have permission) … but then that might be a really bad idea, everything might break.

or maybe I can ask DH to change it for me? or, am i being silly to worry about this?

thanks for any help/advice … Dan

Is your username dfitzpatrick? Because that’s also your username on here, so if it’s your FTP username as well, I think the cat’s out of the bag. :stuck_out_tongue:

At any rate, the simplest way would be to just contact support and see if they can change it for you.

If they can’t, then just create a new user through the panel and then switch all your domains to that user, and then move all your files into that user’s home folder.
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ok Emufarmers … I see what i did wrong now. i did have a different username set up, but somehow i had the FTP user/Cgi-runs-as user on the domain set to the wrong name, which is easy to change. i’m guessing that will solve my problem. thanks for the response!

oh wait, no, i still have to move my files i guess. i just have an empty folder under my new user. but anyway, thanks again. hopefully my other folder won’t just disappear now before i get the chance.

EDIT: haha, now my site is not live anymore. i better get crackin on that file moving. i’ll try using ssh, that should be quickest if i can figure it out i think.

Ok, trying to use “mv” command in SSH didn’t work, using either login (why would it, right? but i thought maybe my original username had some superpowers to change sub-user stuff).

i switched the user back to the original so the site still works for now … later i guess i will download the entire site to my hard drive and reupload it to the other user, unless there is some other SSH kung fu i can try.

You can tar up all the files, use wget, and then decompress them. Or you could just use DH’s webFTP and copy the files across users: Select the files, press “copy,” and you’ll see the option to move them to another FTP server. (Even though it’d be the same server in this case, it should still work.)
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!