Can I add a user with access to our web site?


I want to create another user account who can update web content. When I tried to do this, the only directory she has access to with ftp is her home directory. I need her to update content on our web site.

Is this possible?

Many thanks.

Domains are assigned to a specific user account and cannot be accessed over FTP by any other users. Your only options in this case would be to provide this person with your FTP login, or re-assign that domain to a brand new FTP user. The latter option would mean that the domain is only accessible by that newly assigned user, though. But, that would be the best way to protect the data for the other domains assigned to the original FTP user.

-DreamHost Technical Support Supervisor

There’s also the UNIX Groups workaround which requires SFTP.

But just giving that person your FTP access is the most straightforward. Every site of mine is owned by a specific FTP user, so I can share if I need to.


Many thanks for your help.