Can I access MySQL Logs for my site?

Hi, I’ve done a search on the forum, with no success… so I apologize if this has been covered before… but, I would like to implement logging for all MySQL queries on my site, but am trying to find out if MySQL already does that? I see that the MySQL Server Variables has “log” turned “ON”. Is the DH server already logging all my queries, and if so, can I access this log, and where is it? (if not, anyone have suggestions? I’m not sure if it would be realistic/efficient to write all queries to a flat file) Thanks! -Brian

No, you can’t access the SQL logs on the database servers.


Thanks for the quick response!.. it confirmed what I was already figuring. Now looking for general advice (from all)… if the site gets, say 2,000 pageviews a day, and each pageview probably has 3-5 DB Queries… would writing to a flat file be a bad idea?