Can i access my site when the dns are changing?

So, i signed an hour ago, im in the process of uploading everything on my site, i know it's going to take a while when the dns point to my account on dreamhost, but i want to know if i can access my site on a temporary address so i can set up the databases of b2evolution and some other im installing right now.

i dont want everything to be a mess when finally the dns point to

They gave me the address of the machine my site is hosted, is this the address i can use?? right now i get an error everytime i use it.

Thank you

You have to set up a mirrored domain. Go into the panel > Manage Domains > add a new domain. Use the box for a mirrored domain, and use something like, and select your domain from the drop down menu.

This will set it up so that in a little bit (maybe a few hours) you can go to and see the content you have up-loaded to your new DH account.

There’s also a sigguestion (Home > Sigguestions) so that Dreamhost would have automatically set this up for you:
Automatically set up for new domains to test before DNS propagates.

Good luck (and a search would have reveled this information)


i made a search and after reading it two times i didnt get it all xD, i got an error everytime i tried to add the mirror :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the info, it`s easier for me with your explanation than with the post i found!

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