Can'' find my Word Press diectory

I’m a newbie so if at all possible could you keep the info simple please :slight_smile:

How do I find and use wp-config.php

I’m trying to find out which version of Word Press I have and been told to run wp-config.php,do I do this from my P C?

Thank you


Well wp-config is in fact one of the files that is part of your Wordpress install.

However, just log into the Wordpress dashboard and scroll down just a tad, it displays the version you are using right there.

Hi, I have double checked in the dash board and cant find anything relating to Version :frowning:

In your Wordpress Dashboard I believe by default the square in the top left is called “Right Now” The last two lines in that square have your current theme and the Wordpress version number. You can also find it under Updates in the left-side menu of the Dashboard.

Thanks for your help.
I don’t have a square in T/L/corner and no "Right Now"
All I can find is in the Store box is my upgrades and that refers to domain names

How old do you think this wordpress installation is? When approximately was it created or last updated?

about 6 weeks ago, but I’m not sure if it came from a word press site, and it might well be 2.9
It functions well and I have no reason to suspect it has been hacked,but if it is the older version I should up date for better protection.
Thanks for your help

So we know now its old. Why is exact version important?

Why did you download “something from somewhere” instead of just using dreamhost one click installer to get the latest and greatest? It not like there are payments involved, what lead to your thought process and decisions? And where are you trying to go with that?

Can you give us a link to the site?

Better ask my son that one Sir. lol

Well we are attempting to help you at the moment, not your son.

We are happy to help, but don’t understand 2 things, how you got where you are, and where are you tring to go?

Just log in to the WP Admin panel and it should tell you if an update is available.

Does it tho on a version that old?

Depends how old…

jamesabernathythe5th - If you can post a link to the site we can most likely figure it out by viewing source.

Store box? Is your site being hosted by ?

If so, I think they’d handle all the upgrades for you.

They do. actually gets upgrades first (well unless you’re crazy like me and run the dev releases).

jamesabernathythe5th, sXi is right, the store box is only on .com

if you want to share your URL, we can take a look and see if you’re hosted here, or if perhaps you’re just using our DNS.