Can email work on other host?


I have a client who wants to remain with their previous host for email accounts only after transferring their web hosting to dreamhost. Can this be done?

The would be on DH, but would be hosted on the old host.

Any problems as long as they pay for both?

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Sure can!

And you’ll need A records for the POP/IMAP/SMTP servers as well.




Thanks. What would happen if I just pointed (or transferred) the domain name to DH and didn’t set up any new email accounts on DH. Would the old email addresses on the old server continue to work?

The almost serious antidote to workaholsim


No. As soon as you point the domain name to DreamHost, you end up with DreamHost’s DNS, which does not include entries for your old host’s mail system. I suggest you get the MX and A records for all mail services at your old host and hang onto them so you can add them to DNS here.