Can Dreamhost Restore replace automated snaphsots?


I’ve been using this to have my websites automatically download to an external hard drive once a month or so. It’s been a slick system for me. An alarm on my Mac launches the downloads during the night. Now I see a note on the page saying Dreamhost is discontinuing daily snapshots, and that’ll kill my automated downloads.

How does Dreamhost Restore work? Is there a way to automatically download whatever the heck Dreamhost Restore is saving for my sites?

The Dreamhost Restore page has zero information:

My favorite thing about downloading the daily snapshots was that, thanks to Time Machine in OSX, I could go back and restore a version of my site from last month or last year if I wanted to.

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My backups are an rsync (and SQL Dump) of my live site:



What sdayman said! Since you’re making your own snapshots locally (using Time Machine), I don’t see any issue with just rsyncing from the “live” copy rather than from a snapshot. For what it’s worth, that’s basically how our Domain Restore feature works already. :slight_smile: