Can Crazy Plan Handle 50,000 page views per day?


I am very interested with Dreamhost $7.95 crazy plan. I have many web sites hosted elsewhere and would like to transfer some here.

I would like to know whether this hosting plan will have any problem with site or combination of sites that have about 50,000 or more page views per day. They are non-static page. All are php & mySQL databse generated sites. The software I am using are:

(1) Coppermine Gallery - about 50,000 page views per day

(2) Mediawiki - about 20,000 page views per day

(3) phpbb forum - about 20,000 page views per day

Please let me know so that I will know what kind of web site is suitable to transfer here.

Many thanks and looking forward to sign up.

I don’t know if it will handle it, but there is no difference in CPU, memory and SQL usage between the plans.

I would think that this much traffic to dynamically generated pages would be at the very upper-end of what you could reasonably expect from any shared hosting.

Have you considered a dedicated box for your sites? Surely with this much traffic you easily generate enough income to pay for a dedicated server somewhere.


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IMHO 90,000 dynamically created pages using the software you have described is likely to be problematic in the amount of CPU usage for a shared server irrespective of which Dreamhost plan you are on.

Bandwidth and storage are not likely to be an issue, but driving those three applications at those levels may well consume more CPU resources than DH will allow on a shared server. It all depends on how well the server you are on scales to that usage in combination with the other sites that are hosted on it. Dreamhost no longer has a “hard” limit on CPU minutes, but they evaluate each case on an “as needed” basis.

Like Raz2133 said, 90,000 page views a day (over three sites?) should be very easy to monetize sufficiently to support a dedicated server (and still make money!).

The only authoritative answer to this question has to come from Dreamhost - we are just “guessing” as we can’t see the server load created by your sites.


You may already be aware of the options available to you to monetize your sites, but if not the following links might be a good place to start;

You don’t need to cover your sites with ads and possibly alienate your users, a simple banner ad here and there may be enough to finance a decent dedicated box.


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Thanks for recommending Adsense, CJ, & Adbrite. I am a member for the first two but not making enough to require a dedicated server. I am currently using a VPS and a shared host.

I need bandwidth and the TB of bandwidth offered by Dreamhost seems to suit my needs. Anyway, I am nowhere near a TB. Far from it.

If I sign up with Dreamhost I don’t want to abuse it and being told later that the $7.95 plan is not suitable. So, I understand your concerns. I am interested to know the limit allowed by Dreamhost so that I will know which sites to transfer here as not all have 50,000 page views per day.

Some sites have 10,000 page views per day (Coppermine gallery / Mediawiki) and if Dreamhost cannot handle 10,000 then I will try to find lower traffic sites to transfer,

Many thanks for taking the trouble to answer,

I suspected you might already be familiar with them, given the traffic levels of your sites, but I thought they were worth mentioning.

There aren’t any hard resource limits as such, other than the overall space and bandwidth limits of your plan, but DreamHost will act if your sites are having an adverse affect on other sites on your shared server.

This doesn’t mean that your sites will automatically be taken down if this happens, generally you will be notified and asked to reduce your resource usage. Your sites may also be moved to a temporary sever until your resource usage is reduced.

The actual level of traffic you can reach before others are affected is obviously going to depend on many factors, such as the nature of the pages served, the resource usage of others on your server and a myriad of other factors.

One thing worth mentioning; DreamHost does offer a 97 day money back guarantee (minus the $9.95 registration for your ‘free’ domain) if you pay by credit-card, so you could always try a few sites here and see how it goes.


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Hum… dynamic sites with so many visitors may be slow in DreamHost’s shared hosting. I understand your case, because I’m always thinking about growth issues, and yes, dedicated isn’t sometimes an option. Some heavy traffic sites aren’t money sites, so paying for a dedicated server isn’t easy.

Contact DreamHost and ask for their opinion. But I think that you will not be able to host all of them in a shared plan…

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Hosting them each on their own plan, wouldn’t it be cheaper to continue/get a new VPS box?

No, VPS needs another US$35 per month. I prefer US$7.95 because my ads income is not enough for me to cover my living expenses. :C

Can someone tell me what is promocode about?

US$7.95 * 24 = US$190.80

How much discount I will get if I use promocode? What is the code to use?

I read that those who signed up to be Dreamhost affiliate will get paid. If I stated my referer when signing up will I get a discount with promotion code?

Anyway, I do not have any referer.

You can use any promo code you want.

Promo codes override referrals. If you were to sign up with a referral link, you wouldn’t get a discount and the person that sent you gets $97. If you use a promo code, you save $97 and the other person gets nothing (unless you refer people, then there is a $5 second tier referral payout).

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Josh, you can’t have several DreamHost accounts…

“The Customer agrees to hold only one (1) active web hosting service plan at any given time with DreamHost Webhosting. Signing up for multiple plans is grounds for termination of all additional plans without warning.”

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There is an “Add Account” feature right in the billing section of the control panel.

Where it says:

I’ve never tried to add an account, but maybe someone that has (or someone from DH) can clear it up, whether or not you can have multiple hosting accounts.

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I agree that I assumed that was an option to “merge” accounts rather than “spawn” another account from your current.

I learn something new every week.

(Have you locked your domains yet? That was last week’s lesson)


Really confusing… so the TOS say that you can’t have multiple account, but the billing panel says you can???

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I think we’re all confusing the concept of “billing account” and “management account”. According to the terms of service, you’re not allowed more than one billing account (this is the thing you paid for) while you can create “sub accounts” that can manage some sites (apparently).

There might be more info in the wiki and if I’m wrong someone will come by and correct me with the cluestick.


uhm I tried to add an account but never sucess!

It’s very one big huge confusion, then you ended up having another account!

Here is my experience: Click add account, you create another account under WEB ID, then you go to that account and click ADD A PLAN – it then bring you to dreamhost main sign up page. You CANNOT put the same email as your old account, it said email taken, so you have to use a different email account…which is pretty much a DIFFERENT ACCOUNT

so there you go, I asked support, they didn’t give me much detail either.

I love features like that.

Must have been written by marketing.


Well, if a link from “Add and Account” in your own panel, takes you to a place where you open another account with a new email address and different info… it wouldn’t seem like DH would have a problem with people having more than one account. There’s also no need for two separate billing accounts if you can’t have more than one hosting plan, so it would look like you can.

It’s also possible that it’s a policy that has changed at some point, so maybe the TOS needs updating.

In any case, it’s best to get the answer directly from Dreamhost, as “they said it as okay in the forum” probably wouldn’t be an acceptable excuse for breaking the TOS. :wink:

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