Can Chinese users enjoy this benefits?

I have known signed up through the page giving below can get a hosting only $2.95/month,I am a Chinese user,I want to known this benefit is applicable to the Chinese?

I can’t see anything on the page that suggests the offer applies only to certain regions/groups. Anyway, there is no harm in double checking - just contact DreamHost’s sales team at
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Some promotions are restricted to certain geographic regions, but it depends entirely on the promotion and the region involved. As marsbar suggested, your best bet is to ask Support.

I believe there is no restrictions on promo codes, ya?

Actually, promo codes do have restrictions, and this is indicated on the sign-up screens. Note Andrew already indicated this in a previous post on in this thread.

Not all promo codes are available in all regions, and some regions may not use promo codes at all. If a promo code entry box is not displayed, than a promo code may not be used (and it will not be displayed for all visitors).

Questions about a given visitor’s experience with this should be directed to support in a support request.