Can Anyone See My Site?

Can anybody see my site at (the index.php is necessary for now). I’m using homemade Wordpress theme, and all I see is white, but the HTML code (see source) is still there! It’s like my site is just not being rendered! Can anybody else reproduce that problem?

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The site comes up just fine for me, and looks like it is working fine. Header graphic, side bar, text, all appear to be displaying fine.

Have you cleared your browser cache?


It works great in Firefox 2.0 but I is just white in Safari 2.0. Since I haven’t seen that behavior ever before in Safari, I guess you have something that is not correct in the code. Make sure to validate it.

The site’s a long way from validating at It would appear that the theme is the culprit. I have a WordPress site, and aside from one small malformed “div” tag, it validates.


safari 2.0.3 shows it just fine, firefox 2.0 works just fine and so does opera 6.0.3.

Now, Safari 2.0 are working. You must have changed whatever wasn’t working.