Can anyone recommend a book


Can anyone recommend a good book to get me started with my web page as I am totally lost with this PHP language. I downloaded WordPress successfully to a subdirectory and am now lost as to what to do next. I played with HTML in the mid 90’s but things have come a long way since then. There was no .HTML files included with the Wordpress download.


the good thing about wordpress and other content management systems is that you do not necessarily need to know any html or php starting out. please don’t spend your money on books to learn. there are way too many free resources online for pretty much anything you would want to know about any topic, including those. google is your friend. did you follow the install instructions listed on the website? its pretty straightforward. should not take more than 5 minutes. you could have just gone to your dh control panel and done the one-click install too.

also, why did you put it in a sub-directory? doesn’t matter really though. you can view the following thread if you did actually want it at but to show up when people type

good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you for your advise. I just reinstalled WordPress in my root directory and we’ll see what happens. It will need to be modified with my own personal web content and that is where I thought a good reference book would come in handy.
I’ve now got a main page but need to change the header. I can see where you can change the header image nut not the name.