Can anyone help me understand how I use DreamHost and my Minecraft server together?

I am currently hosting a Minecraft server on a shared server. For any of you that do not know what Minecraft is, it’s a online multiplayer game where people can host their own servers and all clients have to do is buy an account at and then they can add your server using your IP address and port. There are many of large servers that have 500 players that have .com names instead of a numeric IP, but I don’t know how they were able to achieve that. Also, these servers obviously have websites too, that end in .com. I understand that you pay a company like DreamHost money, and then they set up a domain for you, but I have no clue as to how people go from there. What I want to know is a couple of things. Many of these Minecraft servers that have websites often have forums that require you to sign up with a username, a password, and an email. Once you enter all that in, you get an email to verify that you actually own that email address. How does their website host manage to send emails like that automatically? I’ve read online about SMTP servers, but I still don’t know how they exactly work. If SMTP is what these website host use to send out email verification, does DreamHost do that? Another thing I would like to know is, when these Minecraft servers get their .com addresses, how do they manage to forward them? I know that all the .com address is doing is forwarding traffic to the IP that you tell it to forward to, but where do you do that? Again, does DreamHost let you do that? To expand on that question, Minecraft uses the default port 25565, and if I wanted to connect to a server that had the IP (Domain name?) (Address?) (I’m not sure what you call it) as “”, I wouldn’t have to type the :25565 at the end because the Minecraft client attempts that as default. But my IP address for my Minecraft server is sort of like this “”. So, at this point, all players that want to join my server need to memorize that IP address and the port, as it is not default and it cannot be omitted when typing the address into the Minecraft client. Is there a way to tell DreamHost to listen for a connection on the 25565 port, then forward the traffic to the IP: “”? Now, I have my second to last question, let’s say I want to allow people to connect to my website using, could I still use as my IP for my Minecraft server? Is that called a SRV record or am I wrong? Finally, I know a decent amount about WHOIS lookups; I read on DreamHost that they will automatically hide my information from these lookups from the public, can anyone confirm that this is automatic and I don’t have to tell DreamHost that I want my info private? I just don’t want anyone murdering me because they can do a WHOIS lookup and find all my information. If anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated. As you probably could tell, I know almost nothing about online web hosting. I want to learn about how to work everything, but sadly I have yet to find a guide on Google as to how everything works. I’d pay companies like DreamHost to get me a domain and try to teach myself how everything works, but I don’t have enough money or time to teach myself everything about hosting a website and run a Minecraft server at the same time.

In terms of using a domain name to replace “”, it’s quite easy and doesn’t actually involve hosting at Dreamhost at all. If you register a domain with Dreamhost however it would involve adjusting the DNS of that domain in your account panel.

So let’s say you used Dreamhost to register

In the DNS panel on your Dreamhost account you would set the A record of the domain to (the real IP address of your minecraft server).
Then as long as you make sure minecraft is running on your server on the default port of 25565, visitors would only need to enter into there server details on Minecraft to join your game. No port would be needed.
If however you stuck to running your server on the port you suggested (25768), your visitors would need to type in: to join your game.

The trouble with this approach is that you then can’t run a website on Dreamhost to run all your email joining signing up activities you also want to do.
In order to do both the website and the easy game url, you would need to point the A record of the domain to your webspace on Dreamhost and have another sub-domain for the game itself.
So would go to Dreamhost and say would point to the actual minecraft server you run elsewhere.
Again the DNS for would need to be added as an A record in the DNS panel in Dreamhost.