Can an account be created, using a referral link?

OK, here’s my tricky question:

Can an account be created, using a referral link (say, something like:, and everything filled for the new account (login name, password, domains, etc.) and then the account NOT TO BE ACTIVATED immediately?

In this case, say, the new account is made active later, in a month or so, and first payment for the selected plan is made.

In this case, will the original referral (remember, the new account will be created using, for example) get the 10% for the referring, or the fact that the account was created BEFORE, but NOT activated immediately, will cancel the 10%?..

I mean, if someone clicks a referring link, then registers with DreamHost, but doesn’t activate (make a payment) immediately after that, will DH system keep the info which referred this customer?.. Or one should click a referring link and IMMEDIATELY select a plan and pay using his/her Credit Card so the referrer can get the 10%?..

I’m puzzled as to that… So just wanted to ask:)

Thank you, sincerely: Michel

// Note: I’m asking because I registered my login name at DreamHost a long ago, like 6 months before or so… But I decided to try DreamHost hosting only a few weeks ago. So I simply used my existing login/password at DreamHost, selected a plan and made my first payment. Let’s say, I clicked a referral link 6 months ago when signing up at DreamHost. Would DH website “remember” that I used a certain link and then give the referring person the 10% from each payment?.. :slight_smile: It’s not the case, but I would like to know as to future similar scenario:)

Yes. The referrer will still be credited with either the 10% recurring or the one-time rewards payment, depending on how they have their rewards configured.

I am not sure if there is a time limit on such referrals, but I have had names appearing in my rewards list that have not actually purchased hosting for a couple of months after obtaining a WEBID and I was still rewarded the referral.

Note: If the customer was to use a promo-code (other than yours) during the purchase, this would over-ride the initial referral and you would not receive any rewards payment.


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Thank you, Mark!

A few months, you say? That’s OK:) Thx! :slight_smile:

I know, if someone uses a promo-code, the referral link used is no longer valid… But if not, and the user just registers using your promo-link, then time doesn’t matter, and he/she can decide to make first payment after 1-2-3 months, and still your account will receive the 10%? That’s great:)

Yes, the DreamHost referral system is very good in this respect.

On further reflection, there may not be a time limit at all, since the ‘Referral Report’ in the rewards section of the panel lists all of your referrals, both those that have purchased hosting and those that have not (yet). Those that have purchased are shown in bold.

This suggests to me that the referrer information is stored in the system at the time the account is created and is used if/when that customer purchases.


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Thx for this info:)

I’m just too new to DH and there’s still noone who has used me as referral :slight_smile:

But I may recommend DH to a friend, he may decide to sign-up and then pay 3 months afterwards (like my case). This is very good:)

Thanks again! You were most helpful on that! :)))

No problem Michel, I am glad I could be of some assistance :slight_smile:


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If you want your friend to get the best deal possible, they should signup while DreamHost’s special 9999 code is still valid. You won’t get the referral, though.

They hired more support help.
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Yeah, I know … 9999 is great :slight_smile:

But for the moment I think it’s better if I can refer someone using my referral link :slight_smile: /if I can, of course;-)/