Can AjaXplorer copy folder trees w/contents?

I was trying to make a backup copy of a particular folder tree on my site. I highlighted all the folders and files at the root of the tree, selected copy, then pointed to the folder (on the same server) where I wanted the copy to be created. AjaXplorer copied all the top level files and folders, but none of the files within the folders. Is this normal or is there an option to copy everything that I have not stumbled on yet? Thanks!

No, you should be able to copy without any issues.

Are you trying to copy something like this:

(all the files in the directory, including the directory)

Or just the actual files inside it to another directory?

I was going to try this again, but every time I try to access AjaXplorer though the WebPanel, it asks me for a server, user name and password. The problem is, I really can’t tell which user or password it wants. I normally use a regular local FTP utility to upload/download files. Is it asking for those credentials or a completely different set?

Same credentials you use for your FTP client :slight_smile:

I managed to resolve the password issue and get everything straightened out. Back to the original question:

What I did was highlight the folders and files contained in a folder holding my website (named “site” in a fit of originality), right-clicked and selected “Copy” then clicked on the folder “testsite” as the destination and the clicked the checkmark to proceed. The utilility produced a series of messages about each folder being copied, but each ended with “0 files”. So the contents of each selected folder (and any subfolders) did not get copied (just the folders themselves). Any suggestions about I might be doing wrong? Thanks!

Thanks! Dreamhost provides so many options it’s easy for me to get lost…

Use a local SFTP client instead of AjaXplorer.

WinSCP is great if you’re on Windoze. It has a “duplicate” function that will do precisely what you want.