Can accidentally deleted IMAP folder be restored?


I have a IMAP account hosted by DH, and I’ve created many folders and sub-folders within this account.

I use Outlook 2007 to access the folders and email, the fully download them and synchronize them locally, but have no other backup.

I accidentally deleted one of the folders, along with all of the emails under that folder.

What are my options?

  1. Can this folder be restored by DH from the last backup/snapshot? (are the folders stored as seperate files?)

  2. Are there temp files or other files that are not deleted on the local machine that is used/stored by Outlook even after the folder is deleted? I’ve seen these with POP accounts and Outlook Express. Perhaps I use to recreate the folder/messages?

  3. Where is the maildir? I FTPed into my account but see no email file objects anywhere (even though I see folder structures).

Thanks for any help.


DH Support is AWSOME. This is the first time I had to use it, and they were able to restore my folder. Many thanks!!