Can Access to DH

I register a new domain for my business at DH, I tried several times today to logon to my DH account, but I receive a message saying that my user name or password is incorrect.

I can not access to my email through the web, even outlook is not able to check my emails.

Kindly provide me your support ASAP

My contact details is +97336086000

I don’t think DH support will call you. And we are just customers here like you.

Do you have a hosting plan? If you have a hosting plan and just register a new domain name in DH panel, you will need to add the domain to your hosting plan via DH panel --> Domains --> Add Domains / Sub-Domains

If you don’t have a hosting plan, your email service won’t be activated.

If you are a new customer and just signed up with DH, you should receive an email from DH upon successful sign up. To log into DH panel, you should use the email address and password provided during sign up.

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There’s a contact form if you can’t get into the Panel to properly submit a Support request. And you should edit your post to delete you phone number. They’re not going to call you, so there’s no point publicizing your number.