Can a moderator please change the url links in this referenced thread?

Quite a few years ago, I posted on this forum using my full url, and I should have just used relative links - because search engines and bots are now checking the links. Can you guys change the links to just be relative? There are two links in my first post, and then one link in my response further down the page. I tried to edit/delete, but it’s been archived, so I don’t think I’m allowed to change it at this point. Here’s the thread:

NOTE: I just noticed that there’s a preview now in this thread also including the full domain… can you change that link to relative as well so the domain is not in the link?


Search engines (that are worth their salt) ignore links posted here.

Regardless, it’s annoying seeing 404s in my log files all the time for these links. Is it really too much to ask for someone to just make these links relative without a domain?

Yes, it is. You posted the links.

If seeing results in a log file that no one but you even cares about is somehow an issue then filter them from whatever application you’re using to process them.

LOL - tell it like it is.

Fine whatever. I guess I’ll just make sure to post good links in the future rather than bad ones.


One work-around would be to redirect the URLs. For example, to (effectively) make them relative to this forum, you could add a RedirectPermanent directive to the site’s .htaccess file (untested code):

RedirectPermanent /blablablablablabla.txt 

You’d still see 301 redirect hits in your logs, but maybe that’s less aggravating than 404s.

Note that this redirect is a formal (i.e. machine-readable) version of your english-language request to change the URLs to forum-relative URLs. If, someday, DH runs an automatic link-checking/correcting tool on this forum, then the links would be automatically changed to relative links (and you’d no longer see any hits!). Of course, the chance of this happening are virtually nil, but maybe more probable than manual intervention?

Other redirect variations are possible too: redirect to home page, report 410 for the URLs, etc.

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