Can 2 different WordPress users update the same page?

Another administrator uses WordPress for maintaining our DreamHost page. I also would like to make changes, however the ftp site is all from WordPress. Am I able to use WordPress with a different login account to update the same site? Or will I need to make edits through Word Press with the same login the other administrator uses?

I was trying to use the program Kompozer.

You don’t need to use ftp to manage WordPress, unless you are using a child theme.

WordPress can have multiple administrators, so that’s not an issue.

If you’re asking specifically about ftp, the short answer is each webspace has only one ftp user.

For a longer answer with examples, see this wiki article:

If you’re not asking about FTP and instead mean “Can two users edit posts on a WP site” the answer is of course :slight_smile: They need to be Editors to edit ANY post. Authors can only edit their own. Admins can do it all.

I recommend giving people the lowest privileges possible.