Calling Company Intranet


I’m doing some work for a client developing a public web application. Some of the data I need resides on the client’s intranet. While I advised that this data should be placed with my application (external to their network, replicated on a periodic basis), they dictated that I had to get the data directly from their network since they don’t feel the replication will occur often enough.

With that mandate, one of their IT people changed their firewall to allow requests from a known IP address (ergo, IP authentication). I thought that I had a static IP with my Dreamhost hosting, but I was wrong on two counts: 1) I have a “unique IP address” which does not equal a static IP address, and 2) the requests I send are not from that IP address.

I assume that there’s nothing I can do with Dreamhost to resolve the matter. If so, is there another way to configure the firewall so that it can authenticate my requests? I’d like to go back to the IT person with some knowledge. :slight_smile:


cron jobs and scheduled tasks are fairly predictable. That leave the assumption that the data must be up to date to the minute?

It’s true a unique IP might change, but in practice it doesn’t happen very often. I’m not sure what “requests” you’re creating or how they are being sent…much more information is needed here to help you. What IP is being used? A generic for the webserver? is this shared, VPS or dedicated server?

You could perhaps request the customer make the data available over http via an API… similar to how the dreamhost panel API operates. It’s secure because each request is made using a secret key, but operate over known existing protocols that is not IP/firewall dependent.

Just a few thoughts because your question as it sits/as asked, really is to broad to get specific answers.
Additional thoughts…

I have weather data that is updated both every second and every minute via http posts to the server… additional data arrives every 10 minutes and every hour via sftp without human intervention…

more information is needed about what you are trying to accomplish to give specific advice…


Correct, the data has to be current that the user will be accessing. The user will actually use an internal SAP application first. Then they’ll go to my application to continue. Replication can ensure that the data is current, but that’s not what they want to do unfortunately.

Once the user enters my application, they’ll enter a reference number that they got from the SAP application. Based on that reference number, my app needs to pull relevant information from the SAP database.

With regards to the IP address used for my calls, I’m not sure what it represents since it’s not my domain’s unique IP address. I have shared hosting at Dreamhost. I looked at info for VPS and dedicated hosting, but there was no indication that different hosting would solve my issue.

I’m not sure how an API would help in this case since the data resides on the company’s network. If the API also lives on the company’s network, I still have the firewall issue. If the API lives outside the company’s network, that solves the problem for my application but then the API has the issue with the firewall.

If the weather data you’re getting doesn’t use authentication, then this is not a relevant example. If it is using IP authentication, then it is a very relevant example and I’ve love to know what application you’re referring to.

Feel free to keeping tossing out thoughts as I’ve come up empty!