Callin Dreamhost

I have a lot of questions, and I can not find a number to call. Can anyone post the actual phone number so I can transfer over? Thanks.

DreamHost does not offer a telephone number for pre-sales or technical support inquiries.

You can contact DreamHost for information via their web-based contact form for pre-sales questions, or you may well find answers to your questions in the DreamHost Wiki or by asking here in these forums.

While I’m not completely sure what you mean by “transfer over”, there is nothing involved in the process of acquiring a hosting account, or moving existing sites, domain hosting, or registration to a DreamHost account, that requires a telephone call; the whole process can be handled via the web.

There is a lot of general information about the particulars of a DreamHost account also available in the DreamHost Terms Of Service, their Anti-Spam Policy,Privacy Policy and at the DreamHost Abuse Center.

Should you still have questions after reviewing those resources, there is always the previously mentioned contact form.

It’s also possible that many of your questions can be answered here by other users. :slight_smile:


We offer callback support for anyone on a level 2 plan or above as well. You just submit the callback via the normal support interface and someone will give you a call.

If you are in only level 1 plan, you are unlucky that you don’t have callback service. You can try and the forum here. Most of the time, you are able to find solutions here.

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Yep! I am so sorry I neglected to mention the callback system, and I’m really glad you set that straight. I apologize profusely for that misleading and inaccurate statement about telephone tech support.

I certainly should know better, as I have used the callback service myself (actually, I have used it once in nine years of hosting here - email tech support has always met my needs very well!) :wink:


Just to be precise, DreamHost provides callback to US numbers. Customers living outside of US and having no US phone number will not get a callback.